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This week in DApps: Ep. 01

Updates from DApps in gaming/NFT space.

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Updates from DApps in gaming/NFT space.

The very first episode is powered by ICODrops & we are thankful to them for their support.

Axie Infinity

  1. Alpha Season 4 is Live! Alpha seasons allow Axie trainers of all skill levels to earn tokens for winning arena battles. Read more
  2. Axie announces it’s new Marketplace dashboard with trading volumes. View here
  3. Integrates with DAI & Kyber. Their land sale contract accepting DAI & swapping it for ETH using Kyber Network. Read here

Blockchain Cuties

  1. Blockchain Cuties launches easter event aka Season III to challenge the evil spirit. Read more
  2. Rabbits are coming to Cutieland! Read more
    Read about their attributes here


  1. Collaboration with MCH in order to onboard MCH NFTs to CG’s POS NFT Mining game. Read more here.
  2. Integrated with WebGL to make the game easily accessible.
  3. Game development continuing through balancing and new features (such as item crafting).


  1. Battle Racers Duel Cup Open registration is currently ongoing. Win over 5 ETH worth of NFTs and cryptocurrency in total, including sponsored prizes from The Sandbox, Neon District, and Matic Network. More details here.
  2. Players are now able to race in Decentraland using newly-bought parts from OpenSea and other car parts on the Ethereum main network. More development updates in the blog: here.
  3. The Future of Blockchain Gaming hosted by Matic Network. Watch here.


  1. Released Dogejira. Each Dogejira figure includes a Sandbox Doge asset which can be used on the platform. Read more here.
  2. Physical patch + NFT: Cryptovoxels wearables comes with a physical patch that can be worn in real life and by the avatar. View here.
  3. Game integration with Bombstars. Players will be able to use their Kaiju NFTs in the Bombstar game. (Upcoming)


  1. Launches ‘Share your Battle’ challenge. Read more.
  2. Splinterlands Live on Wax Blockchain. Read more.
  3. Bitcoin.com to sponsor Splinterlands. Read more.

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Written by John
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