The Dapp List

Curating the Web3 Adoption.

Our mission is to pave the growth of adoption - this happens when the users feel confident to explore the blockchain space & devs are supported to build the future of decentralization.


Explore - App Store for Users.

The platform to explore web3 applications - powered with community governance which gives community the power to make the space safe for entrants & rewarded for positive contribution.

Buidl - Launchpad for Devs.

We're focused to support the future of decentralisation by providing devs with the launchpad to speak about their ideas, launch their project & build community with us.

Invest - Ownership Economy.

Bridging the gap between devs & users - this would help devs to build their product alongside community feedback & users will be able to invest in the ideas they believe in.



Anyone in this world with a Web3 identity can place a proposal to list a Dapp. Basis the votes in favour Dapp will be listed. Same process follows for delisting an app.

NFT as Reputation

While you hunt & vote to seed the product - you'll keep on accumulating reputation. Any bad actions reported - you'll lose some % of reputation. Reputation will be used to redeem a rare NFT.


The system has different roles to play - Hunters, Voters, LPs, Stakers. One person can play all the roles at once or can choose to play one. There are no restrictions to it.

Staking & Mining

Stake TDL LP token to gain power to hunt & vote to 2x your rewards. Earn fees from AMM & TDL tokens on top of it for contribution.

Be a part of our Community


If you're passionate about the future of blockchain adoption and growth, we're open to your ideas, and funds.

Early birds

Be the first one to use the platform and help us make it better for the masses.