Published on Dec 5, 2021



Extending the ERC-20, the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain token standard was created.  Using the BEP-20 as a blueprint, traders can comply on how to spend a token, on what circumstances it can be spent along with various rules on overall usage.

Derived from the ERC-20 standard, the BEP-20 is fully compatible while sharing all the core functionalities and even adding certain modifications to an extent.  Intending to improve the protocol, BEP-20 is also optimized for speed and lower transaction costs.

For further convenience, users can create assets complying with the BEP-20 token and even peg tokens from different Blockchains to use them on the Binance Smart Chain. Creating the BEP020 token, you can use all the basic functionalities including transfer, return of balance, view token ownership, and more.

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