Published on Feb 2, 2022

Buy The (F*******) Dip (BTD/BTFD)


Buy The (F*******) Dip is the primary modus operandi for the crypto bulls. The idea is pretty simple: with every dip in the price of your favorite cryptocurrency, it is the best time than ever to buy more of the particular coin. It is one of the ideologies followed by hardcore crypto bulls.

Thinking this way makes us assume that every dip in the cryptocurrency gives another opportunity to advantage. It is imperative to consider price dips as the current reflection of the fair value of any given asset as well.

Although, theoretically getting committed to BTFD is a good way to leverage the price drops while bringing down the dollar-cost-average of owning the cryptocurrency. That being said, BTFD is a distinct feature you would find in the majority of the crypto bull.

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