Published on Feb 13, 2022


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Basically, the Cypherpunk movement talks about the use of cryptography and other privacy-focused technology to meet social and political agendas. The movement came to the light after the publication of cryptography papers in 1976.

By the end of the 1980s, this cryptographic approach led to the formation of cypherpunk. It started out with Cypherpunk mailing list in 1992, which reached 2000 subscribers in 1997. Cypherpunks started questioning the issue related to government monitoring and corporate control of public data.

Cypherpunks nourish good ideas not just for the sake of discussing them. One of the biggest contributions of Cypherpunks includes cryptography-based piracy software, like a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) program which delivers secure data communication.

The Cypherpunk idea also led to the creator of the Tor project, a private web browser for complete anonymity. Well-known individuals of the crypto community are also members of Cypherpunk including Adam Back and Nick Szabo.

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