Published on Apr 20, 2022

Hybrid PoW/PoS


The hybrid PoW/PoS is a consensus model that facilitates both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake algorithms within the network. Through this hybrid approach, projects can bring forth the security of PoW consensus, while ensuring the energy efficiency and governance of PoS.

With a hybrid consensus, the miners work on PoW while creating new blocks containing transactions. After each block is created, the PoS miners are responsible for deciding whether they confirm the block or not.

Using the Hybrid PoW/PoS mechanism, 5 votes are chosen randomly to ensure the efficacy of the new block. When 3 out of 5 votes are affirmative, a new block is added to the blockchain. In exchange for the efforts, PoW and PoS miners are rewarded accordingly.

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