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Published on Jul 7, 2022

Interface - A readable feed

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Interface - A readable feed

Do you wish to Explore Web3 while using a reliable mobile feed?

Well, Interface is your go-to choice for it!

Why Interface?

Before Interface, it has been tough to find out what people are doing in the Web3 space. There were no means for socially interacting specifically with the Web3 folks from across the World. Furthermore, there were several more limitations, including:

  • Finding fresh opportunities and content is challenging
  • High entry hurdles prevent newcomers from understanding it all
  • Because of decentralisation, information is dispersed in Web3
  • Wallet activity is frequently imprecise (new contracts, transactions, platforms)
  • There is no unified interface to stay current on both on-chain and off-chain events.
  • No comprehensive smartphone app exists to track transactions.

Interface solves all these hassles!

Interface is a fully-fledged mobile application that allows users to discover projects, individuals and opportunities across the Web3 space using a readable feed like that of the native Web3 social media platforms.

Here is all that you get on choosing Interface:

  • Activity, user identification, and relationships from decentralised data sources all in one location
  • conversion of intricate transactions into a clear and understandable stream
  • A discovery system based on tokens and social media
  • Ability to follow and stay updated with the global eb3 folks
  • Discovering newer opportunities and content around Web3

How is Interface ahead of its competitors?

Other alternatives exist in the Web3 space to help people explore and know about the folks in this sector. However, none of them has ever been able to provide all the benefits assured by Interface.

Here is what all you get with Interface:

  • Social feed
  • Mobile compatibility
  • On-chain and off-chain protocols
  • Notifications
  • Exclusive profiles
  • Open-source
  • Interactive UI and UX

However, as we looked into the other alternatives in the industry, here is what we found!

Journey of Interface

Here is what WijuWiju says on his journey and how they came with Interface:

“Since 2017, I’ve been fascinated by decentralisation technologies and what benefits they can bring to human civilisation and society, how they could unlock enormous efficiencies in everyday economic and other activities through permission-less, self-governing, censorship resistant architecture & more. Since then, I’ve ventured to excel in my technological & entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and experience to participate in what I see as one-of-a-kind generational evolutionary shift, perhaps much bigger than the internet itself. I have been contributing to various web3 projects, DAOs and protocols, the latest of which was a bi-weekly newsletter that I have been curating for Uniswap protocol. Furthermore, I was fortunate to help build the biggest dark kitchen startup in Russia (local kitchen).”

Further, he also added:

“Most recently, I’ve encountered and identified several pain points in existing platforms within the blockchain space, namely lack of accessibility of information for non-technical people, and hence the idea of the Interface was born – to make data human-friendly. Since then, we’ve presented the original idea to the broader audience on Twitter and raised $150 000 (crowdfund) to bootstrap our initial mobile app development phase. I’ve onboarded some incredible talent into the web3 space, and since then, we’ve been actively building and just recently went into the private beta phase.”

The main working around Interface began in the first quarter of 2022. Interface completed its MVP during the first quarter and created awareness around the ideation. And with the second quarter of 2020, they began with the completion of the beta version of their working Dapp. With the beta version, they aim to bring in some advanced functionalities:

  • Follow wallets
  • Connecting Twitter
  • Live notifications
  • NFT support
  • Main protocols’ curated list

What does Interface hold for the future?

After the closing of the Beta version of Interface, they are looking forward to completing the public launch by the third quarter of 2022, adding more functionalities to Interface for the users, including:

  • The display of wallet balance
  • A multi-chain support
  • New protocol integration
  • Enhanced readability of transactions
  • Support of platform specific activities
  • Improved social graph

Finally, moving towards the end of the year, Interface will initiate the process of decentralising! With these, the Interface has some advanced functionalities in its roadmap, which are as follows:

  • On-chain messenger integration
  • Decentralized social features (likes, comments etc)
  • Open-sourcing

To use Interface click here for Early access 🚀

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