Published on May 14, 2022

Buidl Launchpad: accelerating projects in Web3!

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Buidl Launchpad: accelerating projects in Web3!

Building a project & taking it to the market is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of effort & sleepless nights to take the project to market. We understand the struggles aligned with founders / buidlers.

To help you accelerate the projects in Web3, we are pleased to announce Buidl Launchpad for Ethereum & Polygon ecosystem.

But what exactly is Buidl Launchpad? πŸ€”

We have been ideating how to best help the projects in the Web3 space and what could be beneficial for both the projects & users. Builders are putting enormous efforts into building & looking for exposure for their projects & ideas, and the community is looking for new projects every day. But navigating through the ecosystem is not easy. We connect them through Buidl to solve these issues.

We are building this to ease developers' journey and ensure that they get every support possible for a successful launch and exposure for projects.

Also, the projects launched through Buidl get to list on Explore module. This helps projects with required exposure as users are already exploring projects on thedapplist.com.


  • Submit the application with all the required details here β†—.
  • A brief call to understand what you’re building.
  • A technical review call to figure out challenges (if any).
  • Research & preparation.
  • Launch πŸŽ‰
  • Listing on thedapplist.com

What you can expect?

  • Blog Posts (Learn Web3 & Down the Rabbit Hole)
  • Web3 1:1 Talk Show (Twitter space & Podcast)
  • Bored Dev Chat Club
  • AMA on Telegram / Discord
  • ELI5 session
  • Product Launch

Get set, BUIDL!

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