Published on May 10, 2021

How does Community Governance work?

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How does Community Governance work?

With the vision to devise a safe space for novice and existing blockchain enthusiasts to explore and engage with decentralized applications, The Dapp List is manifesting a Multi-chain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption

What Problems do we target?

Dapps accelerate user adoption on chains. Dapp listing platforms act as the mediator who connects end-users with dapps. Developer builds and the other one takes it to the market - they work together in driving adoption.

Due to the centralized nature of the marketing entity, many a time, scam dapps make it to the masses, and many neophytes and even plausible investors fall for such tactics.

Web3 adoption will face an era of decline if we let the anonymous dapps, ghost chains & copy-pasta fi continue to run wild. Solving such a menace is not a job of an individual because alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. The Dapp List envisions to solve this.

Community governance to the rescue

The community has always been & will always be an essential part in making a product go from good to great. It plays a vital role in researching, ideating, providing feedback, testing products, governance & marketing.

Utilizing the same core principles of a community, we have manifested them to become a part of The Dapp List's core mechanism (we will continually improve/upgrade this mechanism).

The community decides what Dapp they want by hunting & voting. Doing this will help us evade the central authority's barrier by giving all the developers, an equal opportunity to list their dapp.

Listing a Dapp

Listing of dapp happens when someone hunts the dapp, and the community members vote it. Anyone with a web3 identity can participate in the process.


  • Hunters are responsible for bringing forward a dapp on the voting grounds. They do this by filling the 'Hunt new dapp' form at https://curate.thedapplist.com/#/create
  • It is quintessential that you hold 60 DAI in your wallet for Hunting an app. Tokens will not be deducted from the wallet, it is meant to grant hunting power.
  • Every week, the hunt continues & new dapps are added to the voting dashboard at the start of week.


  • Community members will now vote for the dapps. Voting rounds begin every Monday and last till Sunday.
  • For Voting, you will need to hold 20 DAI in your wallet. Tokens will not be deducted from the wallet, it is meant to grant voting power.
  • Vote for your favourite Dapp at https://curate.thedapplist.com/#/

Top 5 dapps on the basis of votes will get listed every week, all the participants involved with those top 5 dapps are rewarded with TDL tokens & reputation.

Note: The required number of DAI are configurable. Also, post-release of TDL Tokens, hunting, and voting will be enabled through TDL tokens.

Reputation Mechanism

On every successful hunt after listing, a hunter is rewarded with 10 experience points (XP) & a voter earns 2 XP for each vote.

Hunting begins every week & voting follows it in the next week. So, the dapps / projects that were hunted this week by hunters will be live for voting next week. Cycle continues.

XP are configurable through governance.

The reputation mechanism is similar to the XP model in games - the more you play & achieve better, the XP helps you unlock rare items. In our case, contributors can mint rare NFTs that represent their reputation.

XP calculation & NFT

Delisting a Dapp

Community members can raise counter proposals to delist scams & rugs, people who were involved with listing that dapp/project lose reputation & future rewards if the proposal is passed.

Individuals who try to manipulate will lose reputation and the chance of receiving further rewards. Since the community drives it, it’s hard to manipulate everyone, so such things will be significantly less to occur.


Empowering the community is critical to sustain and scale web3 adoption. By decentralizing the governance, we foresee a better tomorrow for the web3 ecosystem.

Note:  We will update Hunting & Voting mechanism with staking & mining details after V2 release. Numbers are just for reference, actual implementation might differ.

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