Published on Aug 6, 2021

Introducing The Dapp List Explore V2

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Introducing The Dapp List Explore V2

The Dapp List recently closed its seed and private funding rounds, raising $1.7M; since then, the team has worked round the clock to manifest the vision of web3 adoption. V2 is a small step towards it.

Today, we present you with a massive update in our Explore module that will gear web3 curation, attract more novice users, and ultimately serve the web3 community.

Features of V2

After taking lots of feedback, interviewing prevailing users, iterating & testing several versions, we bring you a V2 that is truly redefined with the help of the web3 community.

User Interface & Experience to the next level

A completely brand new minimal user interface with an emphasis on user experience.

  • Hunting & Voting Dashboard — Governance Page

A Refreshed and innovative design for new & existing hunters & voters to actively carry out hunting and voting adventures for new dapps.

Here hunters can easily register a new dapp for it to be on the voting grounds. Voters will see a list of dapps available to vote and the days left till voting is closed for any particular dapp.

Integration of Rewards and Reputation (XP)

Now get Reputation (XP) for hunting and voting dapps. The reputation mechanism is similar to the XP model in games – the more you play & achieve better, the more XP you accumulate.

On every successful hunt after listing, a hunter is rewarded with 10 experience points (XP) & a voter earns 2 XP for each vote. Furthermore, users will also get rewards in $WISE.

Note: Users from V1 will receive XP & Rewards in $WISE for their contribution (hunting & voting).  Apart from this, users will be able to redeem XP for rare NFTs in future updates. Stay Tuned!

💡Get started with Hunt & Vote, plus learn more about Rewards, XP, and Rare NFTs in How community governance work?

User Profiles

User profiles are created to help other explorers and users in general to keep track of the dapps they hunt and vote for. It will have the user's wallet address, and further, the user's profile will list all the user activity for hunting & voting along with the XP & Rewards they have accumulated.

Apart from this, users can even see ENS addresses, and their favorite dapps also appear on the profile.  All that is need of is a connection with a blockchain wallet (Metamask or wallet connect compatible wallets).


Hunting & Voting for dapps is more fun when you do it together. Now, compete for the top spot in the hunting and voting leaderboard. Additionally, check out the communities contribution in the curation of web3.

Hunters: These are the people responsible for bringing a dapp forward in front of the community. Anyone with a web3 identity can participate in the process of listing.
Voters: Community members will now decide what apps are legit to be made available in The Dapp List ecosystem for new users.

Dapp Profiles & Analytics

A feature that we all have been excited about, Dapp Profile & Analytics. Here, users will check out the dapps profile containing important information about the dapp, relevant official links to the dapp's website, socials, etc., and their contact details.

Furthermore, Dapp analytics will tell the story of a dapp projecting the daily and historical data of total volume locked and the number of active users.

Summing Up:

The V2 will bring a refreshed look with its interactive user interface, integrated rewards & reputation system will motivate more users to hunt & vote, feature an explore section for users to interact and know about various dapps.

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