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Investor Spotlight - Bitscale Capital

Bitscale is a private fund focused on the application of blockchain technology across different verticals. We have a strong focus on DeFi, NFT, and gaming. We remain agile, we are always looking at emerging trends in the space.

Here’s a brief interview with Bitscale Capital where we discuss the investment landscape and scaling web3 adoption, do have a read!

1. What did you like the most about The Dapp List?

Most of all we like that the TDL mission is aimed at solving an important problem of the nascent Web3 ecosystem, namely the distribution problem. We also believe that creating a decentralized version of a dapp store with proper incentives can create a strong community

2. Where do you think Bitscale Capital can add power to our mission for web3 adoption?

As investors we naturally believe in Web3, we invest and support many promising projects that can potentially use TDL. With our experience, we can help referring projects and reviewing those already present.

3. What challenges do you face as an investor in Web3?

The main challenges are not very different from those experienced by a technology-focused VC / investment firm. Filtering noise, especially during positive market cycles is very time-consuming. It is equally challenging to develop and maintain good relationships with founders to follow their progress.

4. What is community building’s importance in web3 / blockchain adoption?

We are still at a very early stage in the development of web3 and user adoption is still very limited. Community building is very important, supporting users to understand the use cases and the benefits of web3 dapps. Some of the early adopters become evangelists who further support user adoption

5. Lastly, how do you think The Dapp List can add power to the Web3 adoption? We believe building a decentralized curated dapp store is extremely useful for creating a trustworthy environment for new users. TDL facilitates the dapp discovery process.

About: The Dapp List

The Dapp List is manifesting a Multichain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption. It does this by eradicating centralized authority, supporting developers, and offering a safe space for users to explore and engage with the dapps.
Our mission is to pave the growth of adoption – this happens when the users feel confident to explore the blockchain space & devs are supported to build the future of decentralization.

Learn More: Introducing The Dapp List

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