Published on Mar 10, 2023

Monthly Update: January & February 2023

Author: Kaushal
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Monthly Update: January & February 2023

The last month had shorter days, but it doesn't mean we are short on updates!

Welcome to the new edition of Monthly Update, where we review major changes made to the platform. In this blog, let's review everything we shipped to the product in January and February.

Introducing: Curation via XP

This is the most significant change we made to our platform recently. Our team made diligent efforts, and we are on cloud nine looking at how it turned out.

Previously, you needed specific tokens to curate projects. This created a barrier between the platform and members who had insufficient tokens. It was difficult for them to engage on the platform and vote on their favorite projects.

The previous system had strict restrictions for engaging on the platform. Hence we decided to add another way to curate projects. From now onwards, you can curate projects with your tokens as well as XP. Members with insufficient funds can use profile XP to curate projects. In contrast, members with low XP can buy tokens to become eligible for curation.

However, you still require a minimum of 3XP to vote on proposals and 12XP to create new proposals. Additionally, you can still use tokens if you are short on XP. We will talk about how to earn XP shortly.

We saw a charming response from the community from the very next week of enabling curation via XP. We saw a 50x boost in user activity. Around 3000 members joined the community in just 14 days. Currently, we have become a family of 4,500 Web3 enthusiasts. We are so proud of our products and operations team for their work!

We wrote a detailed blog discussing more on the updated curation process. Check it out to know more.

Update: Onboarding Flow

We shipped another update when we enabled curation via XP. We changed the way how new members are onboarded on the platform. Newcomers can now earn XP for completing their profiles.

Everyone who connects their wallet for the first time will earn 3XP. And once they verify their profile, they earn another 7XP. Now, they can use XP to curate projects. Voting on projects requires a minimum of 3XP, and proposing a new project requires at least 12XP. Read here to learn about different ways to earn XP.

The XP system will go hand in hand with the tokens system. You can choose whichever method you prefer. One thing to note here is that this is not final. We are reviewing the impact of these changes, taking community feedback, and making further changes to make it even better in the future.

New Ecosystem: zkSync

We have added a new ecosystem to our platform: zkSync!

zkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. It offers fast transactions with minimal gas without compromising on security. The Dapp List welcomes zkSync to the platform!

From now onwards, you can list projects built on zkSync. We have listed 4 projects in just 2 weeks. More projects are up for voting as you are reading this.

With zkSync, the community can curate and explore projects from three major ecosystems. We look forward to listing more zkSync projects on our platform.

Explore all of zkSync projects right now!

Announcing: New profile covers

Your profile should represent you. It already has a profile picture and a bio that makes it unique. What about adding cover images as well?

Choose from the gallery of high-quality images and add a unique flavor to your profile. You can select from more than 30 cover images. Soon enough, you can add your custom cover photos, so make sure you have created one!

Wrapping Up

The last two months were fantastic regarding changes made to the platform. Our team is rigorously working on making the community experience better. Do let us know what you feel about recent changes. We would love to hear your feedback. Hang out with us in our community.

Until then, have a magnificent March! 🦉

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