Published on Jun 10, 2021

Knights of Web3 Ambassador Program - 2nd Cohort

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Knights of Web3 Ambassador Program - 2nd Cohort

We are overwhelmed by the warm support received for our Knights of Web3 (Ambassador program). Received another set of 100+ applications & we have selected our next 15 knights to be a part of our initiative. On-boarding for the rest of the applicants will commence in different batches.

The fundamental objective of the Knights Program is to ignite a global spark empowering web3 enthusiasts to grow and prosper The Dapp List’s vision to safeguard users, empower devs and ultimately drive the web3 adoption at scale.

Learn More: https://blog.thedapplist.com/about/calling-the-knights-the-dapp-lists-ambassador-program-is-here/

Knight Owl – Ranks

To devise the chosen Knights into the ultimate protectors of the Web3, we have structured three ranks that will help them on their conquests.

  • One: This is a fundamental stage where Knights will be acquainted with The Dapp List’s products, web3 ecosystem in general, and they will take a pledge towards safeguarding users, educating, and spreading awareness around the The Dapp List.
  • Two: This is the execution phase where the chosen Knights scout & manage different local communities to assist, educate and aid neophyte explorers with everything web3 and thus become your friendly neighbourhood knight.
  • Three: Here, the knights help other knights and web3 explorers around everything The DappList & Web3. They also get exclusive insights, resources, and a lot more in rewards once this level is reached.

The Chosen Ones for our Cohort 02:

Here’s the list of Knights:

Blake Sisk (United States)

Naresh Golla (India)

Ihar (Belarus)

Pleb (Thailand)

Kingsley Ephraim Mark (Nigeria)

Mark / Crypto Marz (Thailand)

Aliona (Belarus)

Stanislav Tananaev (Russia)


Charley Kay(Nigeria)

Hamza Umer (Pakistan)

Tachaya Kamthorntip (Thailand)

Ilnur Miyassarov (Russia)

Yunus Sönmez (Turkey)

Marat Zinnatullin (Russia)

What’s next? Contact us on telegram for the initiation.

Missing your name on the list? Worry not, for thy will be chosen in the next batch. Till then, Prepare the blades & your shield to support The Dapp List!

P.S We follow a strict filtering process to choose the Knights.

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