Published on Jun 5, 2023

Product Updates: March-May 2023

Author: Kaushal
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Product Updates: March-May 2023

Things are moving so fast at The Dapp List. We are constantly improving the product and making new changes to the platform.

Welcome to the latest edition of Product Updates, where we review major updates we made. Buckle up, grab your popcorn, and get ready to know all the exciting stuff happening on The Dapp List.

Welcoming Gnosis Chain 🥂

We're thrilled to announce that The Dapp List now fully supports the revolutionary Gnosis Chain!

This addition is truly a crown jewel in our repertoire. The Gnosis Chain serves as a resilient and impartial network, open to all individuals without any form of privilege or bias. Now, you can effortlessly list your project deployed on the Gnosis Chain and even apply for a launch if your project is live on Launchpad. Join us in exploring the vibrant projects flourishing on the Gnosis Chain!

🦉 Explore projects on Gnosis Chain

Embeds: Showcasing your project's success on its landing page ⭐

We understand the importance of celebrating milestones in your project's roadmap. That's why we've introduced an exciting feature that allows you to highlight your project's success on its landing page.

Simply copy the provided code snippet from your project's profile page and seamlessly showcase your achievements. By proudly displaying your accomplishments, you'll enhance your project's credibility, inspire confidence among new visitors, and foster a stronger sense of community.

⭐ Embed your success now

Easy access to Quick Guides 🚀

One common feedback we received from community members is that it's challenging to start actively engaging on the platform or the community. This concern was shared by not only newly joined members but also those who have been here for a while.

We heard it loud and clear! So we added a new section on the homepage displaying essential guides to get started with The Dapp List. Anyone surfing on the platform would easily help themselves and find different ways to engage on the platform.

🐱‍🏍 Guide yourself to The Dapp List

We are no different than any other project 🤝

At The Dapp List, we believe in leading by example. That's why we've completely revamped our About page, and it's now looking like any other project listed or launched on our platform.

By embracing this change, we aim to foster a sense of camaraderie and unity within our ecosystem. Explore our newly redesigned About page and glimpse the heart and soul of The Dapp List.

ğŸ˜Ž Take a look at About page

Search blogs without hesitation 🔍

Another new feature we shipped recently is the addition of search functionality on our blog.

As we published more blogs, finding the blog you needed at the time became difficult. It was difficult for the community to search for the content they sought. Therefore we decided to simplify the process. Until now, we have published almost 200 blogs and 450 glossaries in total.

Not anymore! Click the search icon 🔍 from the blog's navigation and search for the blog title. It's as easy as that!

✍ Search for a blog

New hero ğŸ˜Ž

Last but not least, we changed the hero section on our homepage!

We made it more elegant, lavish, and compelling by using a smooth background grid in the backdrop, an eye-catching title, and a subtitle in the center, surrounded by blockchain networks we support, followed by two fundamental pillars of our platform.

🚀 Visit the new hero section

Closing notes

With these thrilling updates, The Dapp List is soaring to new heights, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. We're constantly evolving, improving, and fine-tuning our product to provide an exceptional user experience.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking features, partnerships, and community-driven initiatives coming your way. The future of decentralized applications awaits, and The Dapp List is leading the charge!

Remember to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Let's embark on this incredible journey together!

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