Published on Oct 13, 2023

Product Roundup: Q3 2023

Author: Kaushal
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Product Roundup: Q3 2023

We are already in the last quarter of 2023! We achieved so many things in the last quarter. In this blog, let us take a deep breath and review everything we did in the last three months.

If you are an active participant on the platform or following us on social media, you might already know what's cooking. Let’s not spoil the fun for others who are out of the loop...

Bringing your community closer to your ecosystem 💫

Imagine a world where the community has power, decisions are made collectively, and the true essence of Web3 is unlocked. Until now, the community has been a mere audience with little say in the ecosystem curation process that shapes the very ecosystem they are part of. This is not the Web3 we envision - it is time to change that.

Say hello to Synergy, a white-labeled solution to solve the ecosystem curation & minimal community participation problems. Synergy brings your ecosystem & community closer by providing a platform for them to grow together — leveraging curation via governance by the community.


Updated project listing process 🔥

We have seen enormous growth in terms of contributors and projects over the last two quarters. However, as the number of proposals and contributors grew, we saw that we needed to scale our platform to keep up.

We did some research and found that the existing procedure for listing a project could be improved to allow for more projects to be listed while still adhering to our basic philosophy of showcasing new projects every week (every day now!) and fostering community governance.

What exactly has changed?

The major change is that proposals are no longer bounded by the weekly voting period. They go live for voting as soon as you submit it. They don't have to stay idle until the next Monday to go live for voting. Now, the moment a proposal is submitted, it's live for voting.

When the proposal gets a minimum of 50 votes, it's a done deal - the project is listed! And that’s not it, you can vote on projects to show your support even after they are listed.

What hasn’t changed?

Community governance. The community still holds the power to decide which projects should be listed on the platform. Community curation is the only way to list a new project on the platform. Every decision made on the platform is still taken by the community.

We recently published a separate blog that justifies our motivation, dives deep into the update, and explains what it means for you. Click here to read the announcement blog.


Say hello to 28 new chains! 🤜🤛

Another achievement we hit in this quarter is that we enabled more chains on our platform. How many you ask? No, it’s not five. Not ten. Not twenty...

We added 28 new chains in just the last three months! Ain’t that amazing!! We feel so proud of our product team for making this possible and our community manager to pull this off at such a large scale!

Stay in the loop with Notifications 🔔

We are constantly striving to enhance your experience and keep you connected with everything happening around The Dapp List. We understand the importance of staying updated with the latest insights, product updates, and community news. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Notification System!

The new Notification System is designed with you in mind. It's a powerful tool that will help you stay informed about everything happening on our platform and within our community. Whether you're a project builder, contributor, or just someone passionate about the projects listed on our platform, notifications will help you get the finest insights from our platform.

Announcement bar 📢

Notifications will keep you updated with EVERYTHING around The Dapp List. But we want to ensure you are not overwhelmed by them and not missing critical updates. Hence, we built Announcement bar!

The announcement badge will keep you posted with the most important, critical news at The Dapp List that you NEED to know. It’s located right on top of the heading on the home page, it instantly grabs your attention whenever you visit the platform.

More updates you don’t want to miss

Enriched project pages

We also decided to make existing project pages better with the updated listing process.

There are multiple changes we made on the project pages. Some of which improved existing functionality and some made them visually better:

  • The Vote button is emphasized so that it grabs your attention.
  • Dedicated sections to display curators.
  • Social media links are repositioned.

Revamped the Latest Projects section on the homepage

As the voting will now go live forever, without weekly restrictions, we decided to replace the previous Listed this week section with something more relevant. The revamped section on the homepage now shows two types of listed projects: latest and popular. The first will show you projects which are recently listed on the platform. Whereas, the latter will showcase the most popular projects on our platform.

Improved Blockchains section on the homepage

As we just said we added support for 28 more chains in the last quarter alone. To celebrate new chains, we improved the older homepage section that could only show a handful of chains at once. The new section is sleek. You can explore all the chains that are live on The Dapp List.

Other fixes and improvements

  • [NEW]: Project cards now include categories and chains, as well as the option to vote on and share projects.
  • [NEW]: Proposal card includes proposer’s info, category, and chains.
  • [FIX]: Image positioning and loading state.
  • [REMOVED]: Removed the compulsion of connecting the Twitter profile.
  • [REMOVED]: Removed the “Trending projects” section on the homepage.

What’s next?

  1. APIs: This is something totally new we have been working on. Stay tuned until the official announcement 😉
  2. Improving curate page: After updating the listing process and bringing other changes along with it, our product team is now working on improving the curate page to comply with the latest updates.
  3. Enabling more chains: They say, the more the merrier! We are in contact with a few more chains to enable them on our platform.
  4. New social links: You can soon add more social profiles to your profile and projects.

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