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Recap: Buidl Launchpad #2

The second line-up of Buidl launchpad has had as much momentum as the first. We’ve launched a slew of exciting projects this time around; from a de-fi protocol that allows you to swap interest rates (fixed/ variable) to a social feed for your on-chain presence, there’s a lot going on.

Take a look at the process we go through at Buidl launchpad to understand how it all goes down!

#1 The project launches on Buidl Launchpad

We onboard the project and get them onto Buidl Launchpad. Here’s a brief on the projects we’ve launched recently

Voltz- AMM for interest rate swaps

Voltz, simply put, is a de-fi protocol that allows you to trade a financial instrument called interest rate swaps. Interest rate swaps allow you to swap a floating interest rate for a fixed interest rate and vice versa.

Voltz is one of the few de-fi protocols that enable the swapping of interest rates and that’s when we knew we had to get them onboard the launchpad.

📌 Launch date: 20/06/2022

Spheron- a decentralized cloud service for project deployment

Every developer needs a good platform they can trust to deploy their projects. And platforms that incite the most trust are those that are decentralized. Spheron offers exactly that; a decentralized cloud to ease the development and deployment of projects.

Spheron’s been trusted not only by us but by a number of projects, 851 to be precise. And there cannot be a more bullish sign than that.

📌 Launch date: 27/06/2022

Interface- the social feed for web3

Imagine if your on-chain activity could be shared, similar to how the songs you listen to on Spotify can be shared. This is what Interface looks to achieve. It is a social app that extracts user data from multiple protocols, chains, contracts, and platforms, transforming it into an interactive social feed for the users.

We believe every community needs a good social platform and that’s why Interface’s goal to make a social feed for web3 is something we align with. Interface currently has 311 active users.

📌 Launch date: 04/07/2022

Mean Finance- a dollar-cost averaging protocol

Mean Finance is a DCA open protocol that enables users (or dapps) to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) any ERC20 token into any ERC20 token with their preferred period frequency.

In the volatile space that is crypto, we feel dollar cost averaging is a great way to keep your risk in check, and we’re fans of protocols like Mean finance that enable you to do just that. Mean Finance currently has 3000 users with a TVL of $600k.

📌 Launch date: 11/07/2022

#2 AMA and 1:1 talk show

This part consists of an ask me anything (AMA) series with the team of the project. We also do a podcast series called web3 1:1 talks show, where we discuss a topic related to the project with the founder.

Web3 1:1 Talk Show 

The AMA on our telegram is meant to get our community acquainted with the project and the team behind it. It drives community participation and acts as an excellent way for the project’s team to speak with users.

The web3 1:1 talk show is a medium for the founder to spread the word about their project.

Listen to our past episodes of the talks **here.**

#3 Bored Dev Chat Club

This is an open conversation that happens on our discord for each project with builders in the web3 space. It revolves around discussing ideas and asking questions that warrant a conversation. A great way for the team to interact with builders in the space

Bored Dev Chat Club

Join our discord to to take part in these sessions!

#4 Learn web3 blog

This blog includes a brief introduction to the projects that get launched. It’s meant to act as an initial introduction for our community to the project without overwhelming them with information.

Learn Web3 Blog

Check out the previous learn web3 blogs here.

#5 Down the Rabbit Hole Blog

In this series, we dive deeper, covering every possible detail about the project -  about them, their story, problems they’re solving, technical implementation, workings & more.

Down The Rabbit Hole Blog

Check out the past DTRH blogs here.

#6 Project gets listed on The Dapp List

As the final step, once all the information about the project is out, its finally ready to be listed on The Dapp List. This is nothing short of a homecoming as it then becomes a project for our community members to vote on.

Check out the listed projects here.

What motivates us:

Hear from the projects we’ve launched to understand how we’ve helped them.

"It was surely an exciting week! The Dapp List team prepared all these amazing materials (video, articles, interview scripts, etc) within such short time and without much effort from our side. The live sessions were not just fun but also incredibly helpful as they gave us an opportunity to look at our product from different angles, come up with new solutions and touch upon topics we never even thought of before. We also gained great exposure to The Dapp List audience and beyond, enriching our own community with great new minds!"
- wijuwiju.eth from Interface

"It was a very smooth and efficient process, flawlessly executed by the team. Various interaction garnered good crowds"
- Justin from Spheron

"The work that the team has put on, especially Apeksha and geniusyinka has been amazing. It's a pity that we've had such a low turnout in every event. The Dapp List team has done amazing work featuring Mean Finance, and all our activities for an entire week!"
- 0xged from Mean Finance

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