Published on Apr 26, 2022

Roadmap for 2022 to Curate the Web3 Adoption - The Dapp List

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Roadmap for 2022 to Curate the Web3 Adoption - The Dapp List

Web3 has witnessed huge advancements in the past few years, and it will continue to evolve. From DeFi summer to NFT season, multi-chain & cross-chain infra, innovative onboarding initiatives & much more.

We at The Dapp List have been building out products to support the developments in Web3. And we have grown immensely in terms of user adoption.

But that is not all!

Moving ahead in our journey of bringing 1bn users to Web3, we are all set with the roadmap for the year 2022 that involves product improvements, community initiatives, buidl & invest module launch, and more.

Read through the blog to know more about what we have in store for you.

A Brief Overview


  • Expanding the scope to overall web3 projects.
  • Distributing governance by enabling different assets - $DAI, $ENS, $UNI, etc.
  • Expanding the scope of the entire ecosystem by listing projects from different chains.
  • Updating existing projects data with a quick voting process.
  • Preparation around Build module to launch projects and do media/ecosystem partnerships.
  • Launching contributors program.


  • Delist existing projects through counter-proposals that are not trustworthy / appreciated by the community or users.
  • Launching Buidl Launchpad.
  • Explore - V3.


  • Invest module with investment tools.
  • Reputation NFTs.
  • Support Buidl by inviting & developing funds.


  • Invest module to go live.
  • Expanding product on different chains - Invest products.

Expanding the Scope of Curation

Until a few months back, curation mechanism of the Explore module, had a very few features to allow the community to participate. Initially, we launched the curation dashboard on Ethereum blockchain, supporting $DAI token, and login through Metamask wallet for curating Web3 Projects.

Moving ahead in the journey, we observed obstacles & successes in our curation mechanism. To reach a wider community and ensure curation of more projects on Explore module, we enabled community-first assets and blockchain via community voting. Thus, apart from $DAI, we enabled $ENS, $UNI, $NFTX, $SAND, $DG, $APE, BAYC, & MAYC, etc.

Furthermore, we followed the same voting process to enable other blockchains apart from Ethereum, like Polygon and will continue to invite more communities to participate.

Understanding the different categories & interests, we added the support for categories like DAOs, social networks, & many more.

Lastly, we also enabled Wallet Connect to ensure users from other wallet providers can also participate in the curation process without any limitations.

Update and delisting of projects

Explore module helps users to learn about Web3 projects & it is very important that they stay updated.

To update details, anyone can create a proposal for the projects that are already curated. This helps to keep information up to date. This happens using the same governance process itself, but the parameters are different. An update proposal stays live for 24 hours & gets approved if receives 10 votes (minimum required as of now). If it doesn’t, you will have to start with the entire process of submitting the update proposal again.

Here is a guide to help you understand how the entire process works : https://www.notion.so/thedapplist/Update-Dapp-Project-Data-af38bc6f314a471e96d0d27391238945

Delisting projects is again very important to zap out the scams / rugs that have made their way into the platform. This feature will be added to the platform in Q2 of this year. There might be projects that have either been depreciated or are not trustworthy enough to continue being listed on our Explore any longer.

v3.0 of Explore

Yes, it is happening. Get ready to experience a whole new way of Exploring Web3!

On-chain reputation - Reputation NFTs

While curating projects, the curators (hunters & voters) also gain and lose reputation. With the successful Dapp listings, the curators gain reputation, and these get affected if a counter-proposal is raised against a project curated by them. These reputation points act as a signal of curators skill in finding out the gems & basis that their level increases or decreases. Based on the reputation that the curators and contributors hold, they will be able to mint NFTs and gain exclusive rights and access.

These NFTs will help showcase the holders’ reputation on-chain and in The Dapp List community. It will also allow them to participate in governance to curate projects.

Supporting the buidlers in Web3 - Buidl Module

A founder’s journey is full of hurdles. Towards a product’s launch, they face multiple challenges in mentorship, resources, partners, distribution, and community building, affecting their go-to market plans or projects being left halfway in their journey.

We will be supporting founders in their journey & helping them overcome the problems we have encountered over the period.

Launchpad for projects

Buidl launchpad is created with the goal of bridging the gap between projects and web3 space, to help them with a platform to attract users and engagement.

Through this launchpad, builders will be able to launch their project in the public & list it on our Explore module, providing the required exposure and engagement. We will support these projects with our network to scale up faster. We are building an ecosystem alliance - from individuals to projects to support these builders.

We are gearing up & have some interesting projects ready to be launched using our Buidl module.

Building tools for funding & investments - Invest Module

Further, while moving towards the year-end, we will be working on the launch of Invest module.

We are focused on building better financial tools for individuals and for supporting projects that are getting launched through Buidl.

Aiming to go live in Q4.

Contributors Program

With the growing interest of global folks towards the web3 space, The Dapp List has launched the contributors program that can help Web3 enthusiasts & curious people to get started with the ecosystem.

It will help devs & non-devs, to get started with Web3. This could be their starting point to the whole space & they will learn along their journey with us. Taking Web3 to every individual to 1bn people.

Here are more details regarding the Contributors program: https://thedapplist.notion.site/Learn-Contribute-Grow-bac7b4341c3b4202b1bdc68b5e019149

To participate, fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/PuTnFFBj8oGgE88CA

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