Published on Aug 19, 2021

The Dapp List & Crowd Tools partners to support Web3 developers

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The Dapp List & Crowd Tools partners to support Web3 developers

Developers with innovative ideas and good potential fall behind due to a lack of support, infrastructure, and guidance. Plus, the centralised fashion of existing app stores harms the user experience, and even developers find it challenging to cope with their publishing policies.

At times, lack of infrastructure and resources becomes a barrier for developers to formulate web3 applications. The Dapp List in its BUIDL module addresses these issues by providing a launchpad to seamlessly develop an idea into an outcome.

The Dapp List to empower Incubated Dapps with Crowd Tools

To make the developer journey even more profound, The Dapp List and Crowd Tools are forming an alliance to support projects incubated by The Dapp List with Attention Mining and assistance in building the dapp.

We believe tech and community are the two most important pillars of Web3 adoption & we ascertain to bridge the gap between developers, investors, and the community through The Dapp List.

All the Dapps that The Dapp List incubates from here-on will get exclusive access to the Crowd Tools Attention Mining concept to gain more community traction.

Apart from this Crowd Tools also pledges to help web3 devs with assistance in building their product.

With this partnership with Crowd Tools, The Dapp List aims to deliver a perfect experience to novice developers in terms of gaining more user base and redefining the product with the community.

About Crowd Tools

From marketing and analytics to open-source developers onboarding. From attention mining to developer mining. A new economy needs new analytics, marketing, and community tools. Crowd Tools is building that.

About The Dapp List

The Dapp List is manifesting a Multi-chain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption. It does this by eradicating centralised authority, supporting developers, and offering a safe space for users to explore and engage with the dapps.

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