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The Dapp List synergies with Cryption Network to fuel projects on Polygon

Many a time, developers in web3 are uncertain of where to start. The majority of them don’t have the right tools to innovate or scale the solutions they offer. If the above two things are sorted, then there’s a stress of growth that obstructs them from focusing on the product. The Dapp List in its BUIDL module addresses these issues by providing a launchpad to seamlessly develop an idea into an outcome.

The Dapp List powering DeFi on Polygon with Cryption Network

To make the developer journey even more profound, The Dapp List and Cryption Network are forming a strategic partnership to support projects incubated by The Dapp List and built on Polygon with DEX & farming.

We believe tech and community are the two most important pillars of Web3 adoption & we ascertain to bridge the gap between developers, investors, and the community through The Dapp List.

With this partnership with Cryption Network, The Dapp List aims to deliver a perfect experience to novice explorers, developers, and investors in the web3 community.

This partnership will bring a lot to the table for the Polygon community and the projects that The Dapp List incubates.

The core idea of blockchain is to provide decentralized trading networks that outwit the centralized infrastructure. The Dapp List already has a community governance mechanism in place that truly adopts a decentralized fashion at its core.

Moreover, to add more firepower to The Dapp List’s ecosystem, Cryption Network will provide robust early support in terms of DEX & farming to the projects that The Dapp List incubates, which institutes polygon as an L2.

With the boost of Cryption’s DeFi stack, they will provide projects with building blocks that ensure a smooth token launch leaving devs to only focus on the core product, this will certainly boost the BUIDL module offered by The Dapp List.

Further, they will build these services for projects focusing on an easy-to-use frontend that delivers a great user experience. It will help teams with no coding experience.

Cryption will carry the heavy load right from token launch, staking, farming, timelock, and vesting, proffering projects the leeway to concentrate on building their product.

Future possibilities for partners to explore in The Dapp List’s DAO in Invest module are also welcomed.

About Cryption

Cryption aims to make the onboarding process simpler for retail users. They offer a suite of user-friendly products to facilitate crypto adoption and provide the best service possible. Cryption Network helps to simplify the crypto ecosystem with following offerings: PolyDEX — L2 Swap Elastic Farming, Deflation of CNT, Seer, Cryption App, Non-Custodial Portfolio Management, Ether Rush, DeFi Stack, NFTs Visit: Cryption Network

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