Published on Feb 9, 2023

Evolution Land

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Evolution Land

Evolution Land is the first Metaverse+Gamefi+cross-chain game with each continent built on different blockchain networks, such as the first Atlantis continent. The game will have up to 26 continents, each of which is deployed on a different public chain. Five continents have been built so far and have been deployed on Ethereum (Atlantis Continent), Tron (Byzantine), Columbus (Crab Network), Dawning (Heco) and Eden (Polygon).

Evolution Land integrates various gameplays, including management, collection, education, gene, battle, auction, and game, which will continuously be evolving.

One Dapp One Community Metaverse

It has been announced that 10+ projects plan to build communities in Evolution Land so that project information can be presented and rewards will be distributed.


NFT Collectibles: There are unique features and as many as ten talents determined by genes for the limited original apostles and their offspring. Apostle Arena is a 1v1 turn-based game that combines PVP and PVE gameplay. Users may breed apostles for rare apostles with advanced genetic variation. Learn more

Education: The apostles' talent makes them all capable of working or fighting and, through education, makes them superb.

Free Market: An in-game marketplace allows users to trade land/apostles/resources, hire workers, or even find your apostle's soulmate. All prices are determined by players driven by demand and supply. There's no price control anyway. You can even transfer your assets and trade on any third-party marketplace. Learn more

Career: In addition to the miner's job that has already been launched, Evolution Land offers more career choices and corresponding social roles such as warrior, doctor, musician, etc. Each apostle can find his or her niche. Learn more

Battle: PvE, PvP, siege, group warfare, and the national war between the continents are about to be launched. Create your army in the game if you love blazing trails.

Play to Earn: 70% of the game's revenue will be shared with the players; whether you are a KTON holder or active in construction, you can share its success. Even if you are playing the game for fun, you can win huge prizes through a transparent lottery. Learn more

DeFi: Decentralized Finance is embedded in gameplay everywhere. Your capital or effort invested in the game will earn you a reward. Learn more

Owned by Player: Players truly own the game. By staking, players can gain voting rights that allow them to influence the evolution of the game by participating in the governance process and benefiting from the dividends of the game revenue. Learn more

Technical Features

On-chain Game and Contract Operation: Ownership of the game assets is confirmed by public blockchain technology. The players themselves own the identity accounts and game assets such as tokens and props. Almost the entire logic of the game is deployed on the blockchain in contractual form. There is no need for players to worry about the common drawbacks of traditional games such as pulling strings, additional issuance, and plug-ins. The development team can't make shady deals.

Cross-Chain Token Economy: The world's first cross-chain token economy system with game scenes, different continents deployed on a different public chain, tokens, and assets can be exchanged between other continents through the Darwinia Network, constituting a free-market economy in a purely digital world.

Decentralized Autonomy: Evolution Land is designed to be a self-evolving, scalable, and open system. Players holding KTON have the right to vote on the continent's autonomous parameters and the right to speak in the direction of the game's evolution. All members of the DAO community will determine the game rules to enable the game itself to evolve on its own, ensuring that each user is both a player and a game designer.

Open and Borderless: With the open interfaces, SDK, and on-chain contracts of Evolution Land, any developer can easily build their own Dapp on Evolution Land to integrate into the economic system and benefit from built-in referrals, sharing, and many other incentives. Simultaneously, traditional game assets, third-party Dapp, ERC721 assets, etc., can be seamlessly linked in. Evolution Land will evolve with the development of technology.

1. Apostle Arena

Apostle Arena is a 1v1 turn-based game. Players choose a [Stance] to face their opponent, and they have a mutual restraint relationship, like rock-paper-scissors. When one of the player’s HP drops below zero, the game is over.

Participation in gameplay is not limited to NFTs from Evolution Land; all ERC-721 assets can participate through governance.

2. Stance introduction

There are 4 basic stances in the game, namely charge, focus attack, attack, and parry.

The restraint relationship between them is that the focus attack restrains the attack, the attack restrains the parry, and the parry restrains the focus attack.

If you choose a stance that restrains your opponent, his stance would be invalid.

For example, if you choose focus attack and the opponent chooses attack, the opponent's attack will not deal damage to you. Instead, you will deal the full damage of the focus attack to the opponent.

Stance introduction

Charge: Add one energy to yourself.

The Focus Attack: Consume the energy to make one attack with 2.5 times (one-time charge)/4 times (two-time charge) ATK. It could trigger a critical hit.

Attack: Perform an attack, which will trigger a critical hit.

Parry: Repel the opponent's focus attack, take no damage to yourself, and fully reflect the damage to the opponent.

Standby: When you disconnect or forget to select your own stance, it will be judged as the standby stance by default, and you will not do anything this round.

Special Mechanism

About the Parry:

  1. Parry stance cannot be used for two consecutive rounds.

About energy:

  1. One energy will be added for every two successful attacks.
  2. The energy will be reset to zero after performing any other stance than charge.
  3. The maximum number of energy is 2. Continuing to charge when there are already 2 energy will not increase the number of energy, but the charge status can be maintained.
  4. If you reach 2 energy, you can perform charge for two consecutive rounds at most, otherwise, you can only choose focus attack in the following round.
  5. The energy will also be cleared after receiving damage from the focus attack.

About Attack:

  1. If both players attack at the same time, both sides will receive 50% damage from the opponent's attack.
  2. If both sides perform a focus attack at the same time, no matter how much energy each side has, they will receive 50% damage from the opponent's attack.

About skills:

Each profession will have three skills. You can choose one skill to bring into the game on the main page. These skills have powerful effects, but at the same time, they will have a long CD and may have some side effects. These will be released in the subsequent version.

3. Game mode

PVP gameplay consists of two modes: Casual and Rank. No matter which mode is played, the COO will be the primary power.

Casual Mode: In casual mode, users will not change their rank, and will not change their status on the rank list.

Rank mode: Users need to purchase a season pass and pledge it (it can be retrieved after the season ends, and the pass will be attached with rank information related to this season) to participate in the ranking mode, and participating in the rank mode competition can win rewards.

4. Seasonal Rewards

Each season will last for 3 months. There will be three kinds of season rewards:

70% of the season pass sales revenue will form a prize pool, which will be distributed to each player according to their ranking. The calculation formula is as follows:

Top-ranked users will receive special honorary NFT rewards

After retrieving the pass, each user will record rank information for this season. In addition to its uniqueness, the season pass will have a commemorative significance.


As part of the initial launch of the PVP gameplay, Apostle Arena will cooperate with some well-known NFT/Gamefi projects.

Through Evolution Land's governance system, other NFTs might be incorporated into PVP gameplay in the future.

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