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What is LeagueDAO?

LeagueDAO is an open source DAO-first project leading the development of web3 fantasy sports. Backed by leaders across the web3 ecosystem, LeagueDAO's technology combines DeFi, play-and-earn rewards, and digital collectibles to revolutionize fantasy sports.

The project founders, seeders, and advisers came together as LaunchDAO, a temporary DAO, to construct the first version of the protocol.

The Launch DAO Treasury will house the seeders' money and the first supply of LEAG tokens.

Here is an overview of the roadmap for LeagueDAO:

$LEAG Token

$LEAG is an ERC-20 token. Token owners can control the network by staking their holdings in exchange for the privilege of controlling the network.

The $LEAG token can be kept in any wallet that adheres to the ERC-20 token standard, giving it global accessibility. The LeagueDAO protocol is powered by the $LEAG token, a governance token.

1,000,000,000 $LEAG tokens will be issued in total, with 69,777,777 LEAG tokens being produced annually. The DAO has control over this operation.

How does LeagueDAO Operate?

To make decisions, LeagueDAO governance mainly relies on informal consensus building. This represents the project's early stage: a core team and several hundred interested community members may hold calm talks without incident. The process flow depicted below exemplifies a good-faith effort to participate in governance.

  • Developing a reputation
  • Obtaining Feedback Through Our Intake Form
  • Notify through a Forum Post
  • Wait two days, then cast a 5-day snapshot vote.
  • The proposal will be included in the next DAO vote.

The participant can then decide whether to lock their LEAG for up to a year or leave it unlocked. The user receives one vLEAG voting share for each LEAG that is unlocked and two vLEAG voting shares for each LEAG that is locked for an entire year. When compared to the lock's remaining duration, this benefit degrades linearly. A year's lock will result in 50% of the bonus remaining after six months, 25% after nine months, and your LEAG staked and vLEAG will be similar.

Each phase lasts 4 days to allow DAO participants enough time to stake, vote, check, and discuss proposals: Warm-up, Voting, Queued for execution, Grace.QWWAWW

What apps/protocols has LeagueDAO created?

LeagueDAO has developed four fantasy gaming protocols: The Nomo Keeper Leagues, The Mega League, Non-Fungible Brackets, and CryptoFantasy. In addition, we have a live Governance protocol that manages proposals and votes from LEAG token holders.

1. The Nomo Keeper Leagues

It is LeageuDAO’s genesis application. The game was developed to create the “Ultimate Keeper League” game. The leagues are built around a smart contract framework that enables users/league participants to benefit from the performance of real-world athletes via an on-chain protocol. Athletes are represented by Dynamic NFTs and Nomo Player NFTs. Users purchase Nomo Player NFTs, and whether they own one or a dozen, they can use these players to compete in the game. Users who stake their players in the App, aka set their ‘Lineup,’ can earn a piece of the league prize pool that is calculated and distributed according to the real-world stats generated by the athletes represented by each Player NFT.

Nomo is also unique in that it incorporates DeFi into the game. The funds collected from the sale of Nomo Player NFTs are automatically staked in a bespoke DeFi strategy created in collaboration with the team at DeHive. The prizes that users compete for each week are made up of the yield generated each week by deploying the initial reward pool. In the offseason, the reward pool continues to generate yield and compound. In essence, the reward pool and prizes will only grow year after year, and your players can continue to earn rewards for as long as they are actively playing.

The below image will give you the entire idea of how the Nomo Keeper League works internally:

Getting Started:

It’s the ultimate web3 fantasy football keeper league. Here is how to get started with it:

  • To begin, you must purchase a Nomo Player Token. The Fantasy Football Player Token sale is still available if you haven't acquired your player.
  • Go to and connect your wallet once you have a Player Token in your wallet.
  • After connecting your wallet, you can see all of the player tokens in your wallet.
  • Stake your Player Token NFTs in the proper league to manage your "Team.
  • Select which players you want to stake by clicking Stake Players. To compete for that week's rewards, players must be staked before the week's first game. Because you can only stake a maximum of 12 players at any given time, you must use some judgment and research to select your top 12 player tokens.
  • You can claim your part of the benefits at the end of the week. Go to the dApp's "Account" tab, click "Claim," and then approve the transaction. It's that simple!

Check out this video overview of the Nomo Leagues:

You can purchase Nomo Football (NFL) and Basketball (NBA) Player NFTs here:

2. The Mega League

It is LeagueDAO’s most ambitious game yet. The app is a complete multi-division season-long fantasy league powered by web3. The application is comprised of 3 core components:

  • The Main League application where users manage their roster of Player NFTs, compete in weekly head 2 head matchups, and claim rewards earned during the season.
  • The Draft app where each user gets to draft their team of Player NFTs.
  • The Free Agent Marketplace, where users can bid on auctions to add Free Agent Player NFTs to their roster during the season.

The Mega-League also employs a simple sign-up process, where anyone who wants to compete in the league has to purchase a LeaguePass NFT to redeem the NFT in the app. The UI and UX are smooth, decentralized, and easily scalable. It costs $300 in either DAI or USDC to play in this year's Mega League.

The league will have multiple 12-team divisions (the number of divisions in the league is based on registrations, and there is no cap). Upon registration, users (aka Team Owners) are randomly assigned to a division with 11 other users.

Users competing in the Mega League will have the opportunity to earn three different tiers of prizes, with the grand prize having the potential of being $56,000 DAI.

The Mega League offers everything you want from Fantasy Sports: direct competition, the thrill of victory, ownership and control of your team, and the opportunity to win a piece of the reward pool.

Sign-up and Redeem:

  • Mint a LeaguePass in DAI or USDC on the Polyon Mint Page or LeaguePass Gold using ETH on Ethereum.
  • To complete the creation of your Fantasy League team, you must redeem your LeaguePass in the LeagueDAO app.
  • Connect the wallet that has the LeaguePass NFT.
  • Redeem LeaguePass by clicking on the option available.
  • Click again on Redeem LeaguePass.

Check out the Mega League teaser video here:
Check out our latest Mega League article:

3. Non-Fungible Brackets

Launched during this past March Madness, Non-Fungible Brackets (“NFB”) is a decentralized bracket tournament developed by LeagueDAO. Leveraging LeagueDAO’s Tokenized Fantasy Sports infrastructure, NFB enables automated and trustless tournaments that allow users to own their brackets and participate with confidence that scoring and claiming prizes will be accurate and painless.

The game model is simple. Participants select the teams they think will win each tournament game from the first round through the championship game. When the bracket has been filled, users then mint it as an NFT to enter the competition. Points are awarded for each game correctly picked, increasing with each tournament round. The bracket that scores the most points wins the grand prize. First NFB tournament for March Madness was launched early in 2022, and looking forward to future tournaments with even more features for various sports leagues and gaming events.

4. CryptoFantasy

t is an NFT inspired by the simplicity and beauty of Loot and the familiarity of fantasy football. It has the potential to introduce thousands of new people to the world of NFTs by giving them something they understand: rooting for their fantasy players, joining a community of fellow football enthusiasts, and winning prizes. It has immediate utility with a play-and-earn component. We are launching v2 of CryptoFantasy, which is being rebranded to ‘Scrambl Fantasy’ this upcoming season. V2 will include some excellent brand-new features, including the ability to scramble players on teams so users won’t be stuck with the same players all season. The latest version will launch on Polygon and will be a free-to-play game allowing anyone to mint a team anytime throughout the active football season. Anyone who mints a Scrambl Fantasy NFT will automatically be eligible to earn rewards depending on how their team performs throughout the season.

How do I get involved?

Join the Discord server to get involved with the LeagueDAO community and learn more about how to participate in one of our Tokenized Fantasy Sports leagues. They also have a community anyone can join, and links to both can be found under the ‘Important Links’ section below. They also have weekly Community AMAs/Project Calls on their Discord server every Friday at 2 pm ET. You can always swing by with any questions or topics of interest you may have!

LeaguePass Gold

LeaguePass Gold is an NFT collection launched on the Ethereum Mainnet by LeagueDAO. With LeaguePass Gold, you will gain access to all existing and future LeagueDAO Web3 fantasy sports leagues housed on the LeagueDAO Mega League App.

According to the token properties, each LeaguePass Gold offers the user lifetime access to the corresponding Fantasy Mega League.

LeaguePass Gold is an NFT collection launched on the Ethereum Mainnet by LeagueDAO. With LeaguePass Gold, you will have access to all existing and future LeagueDAO Web3 fantasy sports leagues housed on the LeagueDAO Mega League App.

According to the token properties, each LeaguePass Gold offers the user lifetime access to the corresponding Fantasy Mega League.


LeagueDAO enables a global community of fans to collectively play, build, and define the future of fantasy gaming. Creators of the Mega League, Nomo Keeper Leagues, CryptoFantasy (soon to be Scrambl Fantasy), and Non-Fungible Brackets. Whether you’re a fantasy fanatic or not, we have something fun for everyone.

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