Published on Nov 23, 2021

What is Autoglyphs NFT?

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What is Autoglyphs NFT?

Autoglyphs is an innovative, first-of-its-kind, on-chain generative art project, generated through an algorithm. A project by Larva Labs.

Let’s have a deeper look at what exactly they are?

Autoglyphs are a highly optimized generative algorithm capable of creating billions of unique artworks, wrapped inside an ERC-721 interface. They create unique artwork and store them as an NFT. Unlike the usual NFT artwork data kept off the blockchain, Autoglyphs artwork made it possible for anyone to create an Autoglyph and store it on the blockchain itself. All you had to do, pay the minting fee of 0.20ETH.

This minting fee goes to 350.org, which combats climate change and promotes clean and renewable energies. However, the algorithmic generator is programmed to create limited Autoglyphs. After producing 512 Autoglyphs, the art generator has automatically shut down, and no more Autoglyphs can be minted further. Existing glyphs can now be purchased from secondary markets like OpenSea.

The ownership and the generating code are now public. It ensures the total security and authenticity of digital art. Thanks to the ERC-721 standard, which validate the rightful owners of the Autoglyphs and store the data on the blockchain.

Who developed Autoglyphs?

The two Canadian software developers John Watkinson and Matt Hall founded the Larva Labs. CryptoPunks was the first project, and Autoglyphs is the second project released in 2019. They recently released their third and most ambitious project known as “Meebits,” which takes you to the world of the Metaverse.

Both the developers firmly believe that the blockchain will solve many problems in the future, and that’s why both are consistently creating better projects to meet the futuristic technological parameters.

How is an Autoglyph created?

Autoglyphs are created using generative algorithms that are capable of making billions of unique artworks. Every artwork created by the Autoglyph is wrapped as an NFT token that contains the original data of the work. The art is inside the smart contract and stored permanently on the blockchain. That’s why the makers call it “art on the blockchain.”

The code is always available on the blockchain.

How to buy/own an Autoglyph NFT?

Since all 512 Autoglyphs have already been minted, you have to get them on a secondary market. Earlier, we could create Autoglyphs by donating a creation fee of 0.20ETH ($845) for a selected charitable trust. But now you can purchase them from any NFT marketplace like Opensea.

Project status & future of Autoglyphs?

All 512 Autoglyphs are minted. They are now available on the secondary markets with a floor price of 250ETH (data from OpenSea). At present, there are 148 Autoglyphs holders.

Autoglyph had no human interference in the generation of art; the algorithm does the job and presents you with ASCII artwork. The project supercharged the NFT industry by becoming the first-ever generative art project on the blockchain. It opens new pathways to create billions of artworks inspired by Autoglyphs, every artwork could have its own unique identity that is tamperproof, full of provenance and authenticity.

Learn more about Autoglyphs here - Down the Rabbit Hole: Autoglyphs, a breakthrough experiment in generative on-chain art



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