Published on Nov 3, 2021

What is Axie Infinity?

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What is Axie Infinity?

To generate income, games have historically pushed users to purchase digital items or see ads on their platforms. Whereas, Axie Infinity refers to a turn-based card game created on the Ethereum network that allows players to breed, grow, combat, and trade Axie creatures, introducing them to Play-to-Earn culture. The difference is that it is operated and owned in part by its players. Players may own assets on the network and monetize them as the ecosystem expands. With over a million daily active users (DAUs), many gamers have begun to perceive the game as a method to supplement their income.

By playing Axie Infinity in either Adventure or Arena mode, players may win two tokens: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potions (SLP). AXS acts as a governance token, allowing token holders to vote on the evolution of the game experience in the future. SLP is an in-game token used for breeding Axies.

Who created Axie Infinity?

Trung Nguyen, 20 in 2012, was the Co-founder & CTO of a Lozi - a social network for food bloggers. In 2017, he discovered that he could create his own blockchain-based game by merging the aspects of genuine ownership and the complex genetic system present in CryptoKitties with the competitive gameplay of the Pokémon series or Neopets. Axie Infinity began to take shape over many months with the assistance of some of Nguyen’s friends.

Axies are fictional creatures based on axolotls, the Mexican walking fish with incredible regenerative ability. The title of the game alludes to this attribute while also describing how players may build an infinite number of Axies on the platform.

How does Axie Infinity work?

The fundamental gameplay of Axie Infinity focuses on battling and reproducing Axies.

A collection of traits, such as class and body parts, characterizes Axies. These traits also distinguish them from other Axies and establish their level of rarity.

Axies, like other turn-based games, are designed for warfare, and four statistics judges their combat efficiency:

  • Its health determines the amount of damage an Axie can take before being knocked unconscious.
  • Speed order determines the turn order, with the quickest Axies attacking first.
  • When an Axie plays several ability cards at the same time, skill adds damage.
  • Morale boosts an Axie’s critical strike chance, which decides its capacity to knock out others.

Axie Infinity players put their Axies against other players in three-on-three fights, employing numerous tactics and strategies to place their Axie on the board. The Axie’s Ability Cards are important to this gameplay since they define the assault movements Axies may use to deplete the health of their opponents. Because of its particular body structure and class, each Ability Card is unique to each respective Axie.

The best method to level up Axies, acquire Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion is to compete in arena battles and tournaments. Players can, however, choose a more adventure-oriented approach to their experience. Exploring the Axie Infinity environment and facing them in-game non-player combatants like Chimera, earns players more tokens and rare items to advance their characters.

Axies, like their real-world counterparts, may have children with their distinct qualities and skills. Axies may mate up to seven times, with each reproductive event requiring more SLP and AXS.

After five days, fresh Axie offspring can be deployed in battle, further bred with other partners, or sold in the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Axie Infinity does not restrict users to merely collecting and trading characters. It also enables users to acquire Lunacias, the parcels of land that serve as homes for Axies. Through the Lunacia software development kit, developers can also construct unique games inside these plots. Players can also improve the plots over time by collecting resources and crafting materials while on in-game excursions.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

The Axie Infinity marketplace is the greatest location to view and access Axies for sale. Players may browse the Axies offered for sale or recently sold to other players in this section. Players may also utilize the marketplace’s criteria to find Axies that match their preferred class, body parts, characteristics, price, and more. Players can buy Axies using their Ronin Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet designed specifically for Axie Infinity by Sky Mavis. Players can fill their wallets with ETH obtained from an exchange such as Kraken.

Axie Infinity discovered that excessive network congestion and gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain might cause their users’ experiences to come to a standstill. Sky Mavis stated in 2020 that they would begin constructing its own Ethereum sidechain i.e, Ronin to address this issue.

Why are people talking about AXS coin?

In just one month, the price of Axie Infinity (AXS) increased by about 550 percent. It was trading at $4.45 on June 15 and had reached an all-time high of $28.61 on July 15.

These AXS tokens can help vote in significant governance votes and allow holders to express their opinions on how the funds from the Axie Community Treasury should be spent and where to spend it.

Because the majority of Axies have meager stats, they produce an unending collection. Axies with the strongest mix of diverse body parts, on the other hand, can achieve astonishing figures. Furthermore, unlike many other blockchain-based breeding and battle games, each Axie can only be bred seven times to regulate the population.

AXS token holders can also stake their tokens to receive rewards. In future, AXS holders will be needed to play & vote to ear the rewards, unlike other staking programs. There is still much research and experimentation to be done in this aspect of distribution & governance.

The Future of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is quite likely to be the market leader in the near future as a platform that gives a fresh and unique location for crypto fans and gamers to meet and interact on their platform. Whatever happens, Axie will be known for transforming gaming from a time and money-consuming hobby to money earning venture. But, given this success, competitors are also likely to grow.

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