Published on Nov 30, 2021

What is Cool Cats NFT?

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What is Cool Cats NFT?

The COOLest CATS NFT on the blockchain
Cool Cats NFT have been making strides in the NFT space since the day they arrived on the blockchain. These are cute blue coloured cats with unique characters, costumes and rare attributes and they have captured a huge audience in the ecosystem.

Let's dive deep to know what exactly they are and how they are taking the internet by storm.

What are Cool Cats NFT exactly?

Cool Cats are randomly and programmatically generated ethereum based NFTs representing unique cat artworks with special characteristics. Since its inception in July 2021, the cool cats project has witnessed significant growth.

The 1st generation cool cats are limited to 9999 originally minted NFTs. However, the creators have hinted that the breeding of future generations of cool cats might happen soon. These cool cats possess over 300,000 feature combinations and options with unique colors, outfits, hats, accessories, faces, and bodies.

Why is the Cool Cats NFT so interesting?

The possibilities with the Cool Cats NFTs are endless. Apart from joining the cool cats community and flaunting a cool cats profile picture on your social media, you can do many interesting stuff with it.

The cool cats creators are giving back 20% of all the ETH raised by organizing the community contest, raffles, etc.

Becoming a cool cats NFT holder gives you a voice in the community to guide future developments. The project is deeply community-centric, and the community members are driving its progress.

Upcoming upgrades (breeding, next-gen cool cats evolution, dapp development, etc.) that need to grow the cool cats community.

Cool Cats team & perks

The Cool Cats NFT project is a creation of 4 pseudonymous people who are passionate about art and crypto they are:

  1. Clon: Illustrator and the pioneer of the project.
  2. Tom: Manages technical specifications and smart contracts.
  3. Lynq: Handles web development and maintenance.
  4. ELU: Leads creative direction, marketing operations, and project management

Cool Cat holders get access to:

  • Super active Cool Cats community
  • Events & meetups
  • Airdrops
  • A non-exclusive license for their personal Cool Cats NFTs to use as they want

How many cool cat NFTs are there?

All cats are cool but common items will be worth fewer points than rare items. There are 9999 Cool Cats NFT that comprise a coolness scale between 3 to 10 points basis the items they are made up of :

  • Cool: 4,599 cats are in the range of 3 to 4 points
  • Wild: 3,000 cats are at an average of 5 to 6 points
  • Classy: 1,750 cats are above average 7 to 8 points
  • Exotic: 650 cats are between the max 9 to 10 points

66 of them are entirely super rare and possess unique characteristics. The remaining cool cats have less moderate costumes and accessories like hats, helmets, bands, glasses, etc. A cat with a complete outfit is the rarest of all. They are considered superior to those who are incomplete in their attire.

How to buy a cool cat NFT?

Cool Cats NFTs were launched with a floor price of 0.06 ETH; currently, the floor price of the Cool Cats NFT is 7.6 ETH.

Opensea is the marketplace where most cool cats NFTs get traded, and Ether is used to buy, sell & bid on these NFTs. Apart from the purchasing price, it is essential to consider additional costs such as gas fees, etc.

Here's how you can buy a cool cat NFT:

  1. Head on to the Opensea marketplace
  2. Search for your Cool Cat NFT
  3. Add required funds to your Web3 wallet (Metamask or Portis)
  4. Click on the buy button when you are ready to make a purchase.
  5. Opensea will display the entire cost, including the additional fee.
  6. Approve the transaction in your Web3 wallet.
  7. Congrats! You're now a Cool Cats NFT holder.

Can you breed Cool Cat NFTs?

There are speculations that the breeding feature may roll out in the next year.

If you are a true NFT collector and have been in this digital collective space for a while, you must have understood the breeding concept of digital cats.

In 2017, Crypto kitties were the first project to bring this feature. If you have two cool cats, then you may create a third cool cat with a combination of traits and characteristics from the first two cats.

Cool Cats NFT Airdrops

The only way to benefit from these airdrops is by becoming a Cool Cats NFT holder. There are speculations that those holding the Cool Cats NFT for a longer period will have better chances of receiving the airdrops.

Future of Cool Cats NFT

NFTs are bringing a technological revolution in terms of authenticity and genuineness.

Cool Cats are way more ahead of being just an NFT project. Creators are planning to bring a Cool Cat ecosystem that will incorporate utility, community rewards, brand collabs, interactivity, and tremendous growth potential.

The community is and will be the torchbearer for enlightening the makers and taking a crucial part in shaping the project's future.

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