Published on Dec 7, 2021

What is Cryptovoxels?

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What is Cryptovoxels?

The universe is turning into a metaverse where things are going virtual, and you can experience the magic of virtual reality right from the comfort of your home. Discoveries are coming up in the virtual universe. Every innovative product in web3 takes us near the real metaverse dream where we will virtually experience most of our lives.

Today, you'll be reading about one such innovative metaverse, that will thrill us with its terrific experience and dissolve us in its virtually appealing environment.

Welcome to the Cryptovoxels 👋

In this blog, we will unfold what is Cryptovoxels, how it works, and why it is so unique?

What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is a metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain. This virtual world consists of real-life infrastructure like roads, buildings, lands, etc. Users can own land parcels & build structures on top of it. Ethereum can be used to purchase land parcels.

While you might question, why someone would even buy a virtual land? How does it make sense?

Well, It does. Before blockchain technology, it was challenging to build digital or in-game assets as they could be easily malfunctioned and tampered. The advent of blockchain technology has erased the chances of forgery and theft, paving the way to owning authentic and genuine digital assets on the blockchain.

With Cryptovoxels, you can create anything on your land; the possibilities are endless. Users can build, sell or rent their land parcels. They can also add or remove blocks, embed audio, video, and images on their land parcel.

It is a web-based metaverse and can be accessed through browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla firefox. Cryptovoxels uses babylon.js to provides quality and high-performance rendering within the browser.

User can use a keyboard and a mouse for controlling the metaverse. Since the metaverse has 3D features, accompanying a VR headset will provide you with the best immersive experience.

Who created Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is created by Nolan Consulting. It was founded on April 1st, 2018. Cryptovoxels project was built to initiate a metaverse on the web. They took inspiration from past works on SceneVR and A-FrameVR and realized the true potential of the virtual world were land ownership was recorded on the Ethereum blockchain (using an ERC721 token).

The Cryptovoxels project was released through a secret beta key in the year 2018. The first land sales came from the creator's friends and advisors. In June 2018, the land parcels were offered to early adopters through Opensea. The developers removed the beta key in July 2018 and opened the land parcel sales for all.

How does it work?

Cryptovoxels allow users to make financial decisions that will be in their favor without hurting the community sentiments in the metaverse.

Through website you can create a new space or enter the metaverse instantly. Spaces are secluded land pieces that are not accessible directly by anyone. However, you can create a URL of your space and share it with your friends, where they can access your parcel through the teleport link on their grids. But as of now, it is single player only. Your friends can't see you & vice-versa.

What makes it unique?

Someone who has experienced a metaverse will surely love the magic of Cryptovoxels. It is similar to real world, but you can connect with people while sitting at different places and in different timezones. For example, If the concert plans are getting cancelled because some of your friends cannot show up, you can enjoy a similar concert in the Cryptovoxels together.

It is also compatible with popular VR headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift.

Very soon, there will be an integration of augmented reality to enhance the metaverse experience as they have integrated several real-world objects that connect users in the virtual world.

You can also purchase collectibles that are digital representations of real-world objects, avatar, accessories, merch, and other luxury items in the Cryptovoxels.

How to get started?

Even if you don't have Ethereum or a digital wallet, you can still explore the metaverse.

When you enter the metaverse, there will be options under your account settings.

  • Purchase your parcel and start building.
  • Start building on available sandbox parcels.
  • Use a Free editable non-grid space.

Every parcel is built on the web itself. No coding skills are required, just use the blocks and start building.

What can parcel owners do?

Parcel owners are the users who buy a piece of land parcel inside the Cryptovoxels. Parcel owners can add, remove, edit and enhance their blocks on their acquired parcels. Their parcel can be transformed into a sandbox parcel which makes it free for anyone to build on. Parcel owners can also add features like buttons, gifs, images, audio, video, voxel models, and 3D texts.

Here are the key controls that will help you build your parcel:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Shift - Run
  • Space - Jump
  • Tab - Open build menu
  • Enter - Open chat menu
  • F - Toggle flying
  • Click - Place blocks, shift-click to remove blocks
  • C - Toggle third-person view
  • R - Replicate feature (in edit mode)
  • M - Move feature (in edit mode)
  • E - Edit feature (in edit mode)

The Scarce Web - Metaverse

The scarce web means a limited space on the web where no one duplicate things. For example, blockchain-based virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels, Somnium space, Decentraland, and The Sandbox are scarce web platforms. In the future, the scarce web definition will be more transparent and understandable. These scarce web platforms sell land to users for building whatever they want to develop. These platforms will serve as a 3D version of the real world.

These are the futuristic cities of the internet. Not only will they match the real-life surroundings, but they will also boost economic activity as we do in our real world.

The Future

Around two decades ago, no one could imagine that these handy devices and web platforms would consume our maximum time. Today it has turned into a reality. Similarly, 20 years from now, we will spend most of our time in the Metaverse and very little time in real life. The Metaverse will serve as a space to connect, while providing sheer entertainment and unforgettable experiences.

Humans have evolved enough; It's now time for the internet to evolve into something unique and outstanding.

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