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Curating the Web3 Adoption.

Our mission is to pave the growth of adoption - this happens when the users feel confident to explore the blockchain space & devs are supported to build the future of decentralization.


Crypto is Scary for Newbies - Scams & Rug Pulls

Majority of Neophyte Explorer Invests & the Crypto is Scary narrative makes a trend.

Development journey is full of Hurdles

Devs from Hackathon projects are missing the support & networks to scale their project.

Numerous smaller networks - less coordination

There’s no synergy between communities to support, invest or build in the web3 ecosystem.

Lets talk about Solutions


The platform to explore web3 applications - powered with community governance, which authorities community to deliver a trustworthy source for novices & rewards for positive contribution.


We're focused on supporting the future of decentralization by providing devs with the launchpad to speak about their ideas, build networks and community with the web3 Ecosystem.


Bridging the gap between devs, investors, platforms & users - this help developers to focus more on building product and less on marketing, and further leverage our network to scale it.


Upkeeping the core idea of Decentralisation, we present you: Multichain Ecosystem for Curating the Web3 Adoption


Globally, anyone with a Web3 identity can place the proposal to list a Dapp. Basis the votes in favor, Dapp will be listed. The exact process follows for delisting a Dapp.

Reputation system

While you hunt & vote to seed the product - you will keep on accumulating reputation. Any hostile actions reported - you will lose some % of reputation.

Staking & Mining

Stake TDL LP token and gain the ability to 2x your rewards while you hunt & vote. Earn fees from AMM & TDL tokens on top of it for contribution.

Backed by


Philanthropic, Heavyweight Investors, & Industry Veterans with decades of amplified wisdom in web3 ecosystem.

Kenzi Wang

Ex. VP - Huobi Global

Gabby Dizon

Yield Guild Games

Garlam Won

Founder at Genesis Shards


Working independently toward one goal in unison, Meet The Dapp List team

Nirbhik Jangid

Founder & CEO

Sayli Patil

Co-founder & Tech Lead

Sahil Ranpuri

Product Designer

Kunjal Tandel

Full Stack Developer

Siddharth Sharma

Marketing Manager

Nikunj Patel

Graphics Designer

Parag Patil

Community Manager

Apeksha Thorat

Developer Relations

Chahat Shrivastva

Content Writer

Building on Ethereum & then expanding to other ecosystems ❤️